RBS survey: Jobs market growth pushing up pay

Image source, Getty Images

Scotland's jobs market remained buoyant last month as more people found both permanent and temporary posts, according to a survey of recruiters.

The Royal Bank of Scotland Report on Jobs found a sharp increase in permanent staff placements during July.

Agencies also signalled "marked growth" in billings for short-term staff.

RBS said labour market conditions had led to "greater pay pressures", with starting salaries and temp wages rising more strongly last month.

The report suggested that demand for permanent and temporary labour "remained robust".

However, it also indicated a deterioration in the availability of candidates.

Permanent placements in Scotland outpaced the UK average, which was the softest since last October.

The strong growth in contract staff billings extended a positive sequence to seven months.

Salaries awarded to permanent starters in Scotland increased at the fastest pace in six months, with inflation outpacing that seen for the UK overall.

Meanwhile, temp pay rates in Scotland rose "at the sharpest degree" since April 2017.