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New head of Salmon Producers' Organisation

Ann McColl Image copyright John Paul Peebles

The former head of Scotland's overseas trade agency has been made chairwoman of the Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation (SSPO).

Ann MacColl was chief executive of Scottish Development International (SDI), which promotes Scottish exports and seeks out foreign investment.

Last year she took up a Stirling University role working on aquaculture research and commercialisation.

Ms MacColl replaces Prof Phil Thomas, who has stepped down after eight years.

Her new non-executive role means she will be leading an organisation that represents salmon farmers in political, regulatory, media and technical issues.

Ms MacColl said: "During my years at SDI, I was always aware that salmon and whisky are iconic products which instantly suggest Scotland and its high quality products, whether you are in the Far East, Europe or America.

"I hope I can bring some of my international trade and investment experience to further the industry's development."