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Scottish store closure rate 'slows', says report

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The rate of store closures across Scotland has slowed but fewer new shops are opening, according to a report.

Analysis by financial services firm PwC found closures fell from an average of six per week in 2014 to just over five per week last year.

Figures taken from the Local Data Company showed a total of 280 shops shut during the year, while 221 opened - an overall reduction of 59.

That compared with a net fall of 66 in 2014.

Money shops were shutting at the highest rates, followed by men's clothes shops.

Town and city breakdown

In contrast, e-cigarette shops, maternity wear stores and those selling golf equipment were opening at the highest rates.

  • Only Perth bucked the trend of a decline in store numbers in the country's main towns and cities as eight stores closed and nine opened.
  • Edinburgh and Falkirk were the largest losers, with an overall drop of 16 and 12 stores respectively.
  • Paisley had a net reduction of 5.6%, while shop numbers dropped by about 3.9% in Ayr, 2% in Dundee, and 1.8% in Aberdeen.
  • And Glasgow had one of the smallest overall reductions, with just four more closures than store openings.

Bruce Cartwright, from PwC in Scotland, said: "With the notable exception of Brantano Footwear (where a number of stores were successfully preserved following sale out of administration), there have been fewer high-profile closures.

"We do see some growth, albeit many of these are small operations or franchises such as stores offering forms of vaping or e-cigarette advice.

"The likelihood is that this increase is a short spike rather than the beginning of a large, ongoing trend."

What's on the up when it comes to new stores?

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Image caption The growing popularity of vapourising has led to more e-cigarette shops opening

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