'Abandoned' River Tay piano mystery solved

image captionThe piano was placed in the river to shoot a music video

The mystery of why an upright piano was found abandoned in the River Tay in Perthshire has been solved.

Officers discovered the instrument in the water near Dunolly on Sunday after being alerted by a member of the public.

Police Scotland's Tayside division launched an investigation and asked Perth and Kinross Council to move it.

However, it has emerged that the piano had been placed in the river as part of a video shoot for musician Foy Vance.

The production team behind the video removed the instrument after filming was completed.

Vance, who has toured as a support act for singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, has recently signed to Glassnote Records, the same label as Mumford and Sons.

The video was being filmed for his new single Closed Hand, Full of Friends, which is being released next week.

On Monday, police appealed for information about the piano and published a photograph of PC Steve Band standing on the riverbank next to the instrument.

The appeal concluded with the words: "The Music Man has confirmed he has not been in the area."

Jon Plunkett, 38, from Aberfeldy - who was involved in the video shoot - said he was bemused by the whole episode.

He said: "Foy had this idea about putting the piano into the river for the song.

"There were some really good shots, and by the time filming was finished we decided to come back the next day and move it.

"I then got a call from a friend on Monday telling me I was a wanted man."

Mr Plunkett said he called up police to explain the misunderstanding and left his contact details, but had not yet heard back from officers.

He said: "I suppose we should have left a note on the piano to say we were coming back."

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