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'Predator' who raped teenager on her first night out in Aberdeen jailed

Daniel Teglas Image copyright Police Scotland
Image caption Teglas abandoned his victim in a flower bed

A man who raped a teenager after she became separated from friends on her first night out in Aberdeen city centre has been jailed for six years.

Daniel Teglas, 20, found the drunk 18-year-old on her own, then dragged her to a secluded spot at the roof area of the Bon Accord Centre.

He then abandoned the victim in a flower bed, where she was found by passers-by.

A judge branded Teglas a "vile predator" at the High Court in Glasgow.

He admitted the 27 July rape.

Image copyright Newsline
Image caption Teglas carried out the rape at a rooftop in Aberdeen city centre

Previously, advocate depute Sean Smith QC, prosecuting, said the victim had only recently turned 18.

It was the first time she had been on a night out in town with her friends.

She ended up on her own, which attracted the attention of Romanian-born Teglas who then carried out the attack.

'Should be ashamed'

Police were able to trace him using CCTV footage.

Judge Gordon Liddle told father-of-two Teglas: "You came across your victim when she was drunk and in no condition to defend herself from your intention to rape her.

"You should be ashamed. You have shown no empathy for your victim and no remorse beyond feeling sorry for yourself. What you have done is a woman's nightmare. It is unlikely your victim will ever recover from her ordeal.

"It is to be hoped she and the other residents of Aberdeen may sleep a little easier knowing that you are off the streets. It was a despicable crime you committed."

When Teglas was taken to a police station, he said he did not know the girl, and when asked if he felt any guilt or remorse replied "yes".

Defence counsel David Moggach said Teglas had been out begging on the streets of Aberdeen.

Teglas smiled as he was led down to the cells, and his victim who was in court shouted at him: "Don't smile at me."

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