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Aberdeen fountains switched off due to high chemical levels

Fountain in Aberdeen Image copyright Stewart Paul
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The decorative fountains outside Aberdeen's historic Marischal College have been switched off after the level of a chemical in the water was found to be too high.

The so-called dancing fountains were installed outside the city council's headquarters in 2018.

Water quality tests were carried out at Broad Street, revealing the level of bromine to be higher than normal.

The fountains will be switched on again when levels drop.

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: "We carry out daily tests to the fountain in Broad Street to ensure that water quality is within acceptable levels. If it is not, such as what happened at the end of last week, then the fountain is switched off.

"It was established that a part of the bromine probe had broken and a replacement part was ordered and fitted. The system requires time for water to circulate to allow water quality to return to acceptable levels and, as such, the decision was taken to turn the fountain off over the weekend."

The council said the bromine in the fountain water was "highly diluted" and posed no risk.