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NHS Grampian care apology after death of woman in Elgin

Dr Gray's hospital

NHS Grampian has apologised after a woman died in the radiology department at Dr Gray's Hospital in Elgin.

A Scottish Public Services Ombudsman report said the woman went to A&E after striking her head.

She was admitted the next day, but became unresponsive and was taken for a CT scan, where she died.

The SPSO said it was "unreasonable" that she was not initially scanned in the emergency department before she was discharged.

The complaint about the late Ms A's treatment came from her sister.

Ms A had suffered a cut which was glued shut, and she was then discharged.

The following day, she was admitted to the hospital with a high heart rate and shortness of breath.

'Apologise publicly'

She was suffering from acute chronic kidney injury and a heart condition.

The report said she became unresponsive and was taken for a CT scan to check if her head injury was contributing to her loss of consciousness, but died in the radiology department.

The SPSO said: "We found that the standard of documentation for Ms A's presentation to the emergency department was poor.

"It was also unreasonable that she was not scanned in the emergency department before she was discharged, given her reduced level of consciousness and confusion; her headache; and the fact that she was on anticoagulant medication.

"Further tests should have been carried out and her discharge from the emergency department was contrary to guidance.

NHS Grampian said in a statement: "We have accepted the Ombudsman's decision and recommendations in this case. The care we provided was not what it should have been.

"We have apologised to Ms C and would also take this opportunity to apologise publicly."

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