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Call for vacant Aberdeen City Council director post to be scrapped

Aberdeen City Council

A call has been made for a director's post at Aberdeen City Council which is currently vacant to be scrapped.

The director of commissioning role, which oversees the delivery of council services, became vacant when Frank McGhee resigned in March.

The SNP group at the authority believes not filling the role would save money.

A spokesperson for the council's ruling administration said councillors were due to discuss the authority's operations in March next year.

SNP councillor Alex Nicoll told BBC Scotland: "One would have to question if we don't require a person to hold this post at this point in time then do we require them to fill the post for the rest of the year, and the answer would appear to be not."

Asked if that could set a dangerous precedent, he said: "This particular role was created as part of the Target Operating Model (TOM), and it would appear given the lack of work that's been done to fill the post, that the post isn't actually required."

An administration spokesperson said: "As the SNP are aware matters relating to staffing is a matter for the chief executive.

"The next update on the operational activities around the TOM are due to be discussed in March 2020 by all councillors."

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