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Paramedics feedback system trialled in Aberdeen

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Image caption The aim of the pilot scheme is to help paramedics improve their skills by learning whether their initial treatment was appropriate

NHS paramedics in Aberdeen are to be given more information about what happens to their patients after they hand them over at a hospital.

A three-month pilot scheme has been established by NHS Grampian.

It is hoped the improved access to information will help paramedics improve their skills by learning whether their initial treatment was appropriate.

The programme is being run at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

The North of Scotland Major Trauma Centre was set up there last year.

Paramedic Martin Esposito said: "You may go to a patient in a car crash and think he's got a collapsed lung or a spinal injury.

"But you know we often don't find out if that's actually the case.

"So finding out a confirmed diagnosis will help our paramedics and technicians understand injury patterns and may help confirm the care they provided was the best treatment or may indeed help them to alter their clinical practice."

Post box

Paramedics will take part in the scheme by posting a form in a secure post box.

They will then receive an email giving a summary of the patient's injuries, details of the care given and a final outcome.

Consultant Roland Armes is the clinical lead for the project. He said paramedics could benefit from knowing more about what happened to a patient in hospital.

"There is a process a patient will go through that happens in the minutes, hours, days after the ambulance crew have left the building," he said.

"By setting up this system, we're able to provide more complete information to the paramedics."

If the scheme proves to be successful, it is likely to become permanent in Aberdeen, and may be introduced at other trauma centres in Scotland.