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Secret 'Stonehaven Banksy' sculptor reveals himself as Jim Malcolm

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Media captionThe quirky metal sculptures have appeared around the town of Stonehaven for years.

The mystery artist dubbed the 'Stonehaven Banksy' after a series of sculptures appeared in the town over the years, has revealed his identity.

Only those closest to the sculptor knew who it was, and would leave scrap metal at his door for his creations.

Now Jim Malcolm, 68, has spoken to BBC Scotland's arts programme Loop.

He said in an exclusive interview: "People have been trying to find who I am for a while now. Personally I get a bit embarrassed about it."

The mystery surrounding the artist's identity made headlines earlier this year when the latest sculpture was spotted along the seafront of the Aberdeenshire town.

Jim Malcolm
Image caption Jim Malcolm said it would be his "first and last interview"
Boat structure Image copyright Martin Sim
Image caption Fishing boats are among the pieces
Jim Malcolm at work
Image caption Mr Malcolm said his work "just evolves"

The various sculptures include a Viking boat, fishing boats and a lighthouse.

Mr Malcolm worked much of his adult life at sea, before latterly becoming a welder.

He retired three years ago.

'Nae an artist'

He explained: "The sea to me means freedom."

Mr Malcolm said of his work: "It just evolves when I'm doing it. I never know what I'm doing til I'm finished.

"I'm nae an artist, nah, I'm just a guy that sticks metal together.

"I make sculptures for the simple fact I enjoy doing it."

Lighthouse structure

Of revealing his identity, he said: "What does it matter who did or didn't do it?

"This will be my first and last interview."

You can see the story on Loop on BBC Scotland at 23:00 on Thursday.

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