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Aberdeen councillor suspended over sexual harassment claim

Alan Donnelly Image copyright Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council's depute provost has been suspended by the Scottish Conservatives amid a police investigation into a sexual harassment allegation made against him.

The party took the action against Alan Donnelly on Tuesday after receiving what it says was a serious complaint.

Mr Donnelly will continue to be paid as depute provost despite not being allowed to carry out civic duties.

He represents the Torry and Ferryhill ward.

Police are investigating claims made against Mr Donnelly after he attended an official function at the city's Trinity Hall late last year.

A Scottish Conservative party spokesman said: "On January 8, the party received a serious complaint about councillor Alan Donnelly.

"We were also informed that a complaint had also been made to the police.

"As is normal in these circumstance, Councillor Donnelly was immediately suspended from the party."