Shetland's comprehensive WW1 Roll of Honour


Remembrance Sunday marks 100 years since the World War One Armistice. In Shetland, the Roll of Honour provides one of the UK's most complete records of those killed in the conflict.

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Shetland lost close to 700 men in World War One.

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The losses Shetland suffered were some of the worst in the UK, at around 1 in every 38 people. The UK average was about 1 in 60.

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According to Shetland and the Great War, by Linda Riddell, Thomas Manson had a team of 36 people go across Shetland to collect names, information, and photographs of the deceased.

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At the time, Shetland had a majority female population. They were left to tend to the family farms in the war years.

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Some families suffered large losses. The Hardy family lost three sons (top row and bottom left above) in the conflict.

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image captionUnveiling of Lerwick War Memorial

In a poignant ceremony six years after the end of WW1, their mother, Janet Hardy, unveiled the War Memorial in the centre of Lerwick.

image captionLerwick's Town Hall, illuminated with photos of Shetland's war dead, opposite the War Memorial

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