Beer firm BrewDog moves into whisky and rum

By Douglas Fraser
Business/economy editor, Scotland

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David Gates hopes to bring some playfulness and creativity into the new products

BrewDog, the Aberdeenshire breaker of brewing conventions, is moving into the whisky business with plans to make it more "playful".

It has recruited a distilling boss who previously ran Diageo Futures, the product innovation arm of the world's biggest spirits distiller.

David Gates will take charge of BrewDog Distilling.

Using the LoneWolf brand, it already produces gin and vodka, and is now to move into whisky and rum.

Mr Gates, who was also brand director for Johnnie Walker, commented that he plans to "kick this mission up a gear", claiming the industry "still lacks real innovation".

"We're here to change that, and inject more excitement, playfulness and creativity into spirits," he said.

Image source, Brewdog
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BrewDog has already expanded into gin and vodka under its LoneWolf brand

Ellon-based BrewDog is a latecomer into whisky distilling.

Industry experts say there are at least 50 distilleries recently opened or planned in Scotland, and most of the newcomers have produced gin as a way of gaining cash while whisky is being matured.

Much of the recent innovation has come from ageing in casks from a widening range of foreign alcohol producers.

In the USA, innovation has also included the addition of flavours to whiskey, including honey and apple.