NE Scotland, Orkney & Shetland

Northern Lights in stunning overhead display in Shetland

Northern Lights at Unst Image copyright Heather Gray
Image caption Heather Gray caught this scene in Unst in the very north of the Shetland Islands

A vibrant display of the aurora borealis was visible over Shetland on Sunday night.

Images of the spectacle - known in Shetland as the "Mirrie Dancers" - have been shared widely on social media.

Martin Ramsay taken in Ollaberry Image copyright Martin Ramsay
Image caption Martin Ramsay's snap from Ollaberry would not look out of place in an episode of Doctor Who
Northern lights over Brettabister Image copyright Kev Bryant
Image caption Kev Bryant witnessed the Northern Lights above this cottage in Brettabister
Lights at Dunrossness Image copyright Steve Birrell
Image caption This image of the Mirrie Dancers, captured by Steve Birrell at Dunrossness is almost otherworldly.
Northern lights at Sullom Voe Image copyright Ali Farquhar
Image caption Ali Farquhar snapped the lights on the way back from Sullom Voe
Lights over Jarlshof Image copyright Darren Close
Image caption Darren Close saw the Northern Lights at Jarlshof, a prehistoric and Norse settlement
Northern Lights at Shetland Croft Museum Image copyright Steve Birrell
Image caption The lights as seen over Shetland Croft Museum

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