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'Getaway driver' did not know way around Aberdeen, trial told

A man allegedly tasked with being a getaway driver in a murder attempt could not do his job because he did not know his way around Aberdeen, a court has heard.

Warren Keating, 29, Darren Summers, 30, and Jeff Binnie, 24, deny conspiring to kill a man called Henry Stephen in 2016.

Witness Russell Clark told the High Court in Edinburgh that Mr Summers did not know the lay out of Aberdeen.

He said Mr Binnie had to take over.

Mr Clark told prosecution lawyer David Taylor that Mr Summers was supposed to be driving a motorbike as part of the plot, but the plan was changed.

He said: "I think it was supposed to be Darren. But he didn't know his way around Aberdeen so it was Jeff."

'Shoot him'

When Mr Taylor asked why the men changed drivers, Mr Clark replied: "Because he was unfamiliar with the area."

He said the men obtained a gun, a motorbike, tracksuits and mobile phones which were all going to be used.

He said: "They were going to find him and shoot him."

He said that Mr Stephen - who another witness earlier claimed was a drug dealer - had fallen out with an alleged gangster.

Prosecutors allege the men planned to murder Mr Stephen "in return for a payment of a sum of money".

The trial, which is being heard before judge Lady Scott, continues.

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