North-East language board set up to promote Doric


A new body to promote Doric and the North-East Scots language is being launched in Aberdeen.

The North-East Scots Language Board aims to promote the language with the goal of making it more visible in everyday life, including Doric signage.

The body will be made up of representatives from Aberdeen's two universities and north east councils.

As well as the Doric, the board aims to promote other local dialects from the north east of Scotland.

A Scots language course is also being launched at the University of Aberdeen.

Doric dictionary

  • Beddit - To be in bed
  • Baffies - Slippers
  • Far - Where
  • Fitba - Football
  • Loon - A young boy
  • Fit like - What like/how are you?
  • Quine - girl

The board will also work with schools to make the dialect more accessible to children by developing a pathway for Scots in schools in consultation with teachers.

Thomas McKean, director of the Elphinstone Institute at the University of Aberdeen, said studies had shown that learning in Scots increased attainment in maths and English.

'Mair accessible tae bairns'

Dr McKean said: "North-East Scots is mostly thought of as being a language for home and family and other informal settings, but its use is far more widespread than that.

"It's important that young people see themselves - and the language they speak - reflected back at them in public life. Just as children need to see diverse gender and race role models, they need to know that someone who speaks their native language can be a success in any walk of life.

"We want to open doors for the language that it hasn't been able to walk through before."

In Doric, Dr McKean added: "The board, wi representatives fae the Varsity o Aiberdeen, Robert Gordon University, Angus, Moray, Aiberdeen City and Shire, alang wi fowk fae either public bodies an the media, will heeze up aa the dialects o North-East Scots, fae Doric tae Mearns, fae Aiberdeen tae Angus.

"Through wirk wi scuils we'll mak the tongue mair accessible tae bairns, an through media, tourism an signage we'll mak Scots mair visible tae aabdy that bides here.

"We are launchin a new Scots leid course at Aiberdeen. Soon, students fae aa owre the warld that attend varsity here will be able tae study an learn the Scots leid."

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