Fisherman 'stunned' at Cove Bay removal legal letter


A fisherman has told a court he was "stunned" to receive a legal letter telling him to remove his boat from an Aberdeen harbour.

Jim Adam is one of a number of fishermen fighting an eviction order on behalf of landowner Pralhad Kolhe at Cove Bay.

Mr Adam told a hearing at Aberdeen Sheriff Court he received a letter from Mr Kolhe's solicitor in 2014.

He has been fishing from Cove Bay since 1966.

The first day of the hearing heard the letter said the landowner, who lives in a house overlooking the harbour, was unable to make use of his land for amenity purposes and that he did not wish Mr Adam's vessel, or any other vessel, on his land.

Harbour dues

The letter instructed Mr Adam - a seasonal lobster fisherman - to remove his boat within 14 days or face legal action.

He was asked if he had ever sought permission to leave his boat on the land from the former landowner Hugh Moir.

He replied: "No. It is seen as a right by the fishermen, if you wanted to fish there, you put a boat there."

He added: "There was never any requirement to pay harbour dues there, as far as I know."

Mr Adam told the court he had never met Mr Kolhe and had never been approached by him in relation to access to fishing or the storing of his boat.

The hearing at Aberdeen Sheriff court, which is expected to last four days, continues.

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