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Aberdeenshire Council reviewing on street parking decriminalisation

Car on double yellow lines Image copyright PA

Views which could ultimately see the decriminalisation of on-street parking are being sought by Aberdeenshire Council.

The local authority is carrying out a review on the future of town centre car parking.

Aberdeenshire Council is considering taking responsibility for enforcement away from the police.

The two-pronged online consultation - for the public and businesses - runs until 31 October.

Peter Argyle, chairman of the council's infrastructure services committee, said: "Effective car parking is a critical element in ensuring that our towns are economically successful and deliver real benefits for those they serve.

"This consultation will help us to establish a range of facts, including how people currently park in town centres, what influences them in their parking choices and their views on any potential decriminalisation of parking across Aberdeenshire."