Crew jumped from sinking fishing boat Ocean Way

Media caption, The Ocean Way sunk off the coast of Shetland after taking in water at 06:50

Five fishermen have been rescued after their boat started sinking off Shetland.

A lifeboat from Lerwick and the Coastguard helicopter were sent to help the Lerwick-registered Ocean Way, which reported taking on water at 06:50.

As rescuers arrived, the fishermen jumped into the sea, less than a minute before the vessel sank.

The crew were pulled one by one aboard the lifeboat before being taken back ashore to Lerwick.

Alan Tarby, the coxswain of the Lerwick lifeboat, described the rescue. "Just as we got along, the boat started to sink and the boys all jumped off the boat into the water alongside the lifeboat and we sort of fished them into the boat and hoisted them aboard.

Image source, RNLI
Image caption, All five fishermen had jumped into the water as the boat sank
Image source, Davie Tait
Image caption, The Ocean Way sank during "awful weather"

"The final moments of the boat were of it sticking out the water. It slid into the water so quickly. It went down within seconds - it was less than a minute from when they decided to jump to when she disappeared."

Mark Rodaway, commander for the UK Coastguard, said: 'This was a difficult rescue in awful weather."

He added: "The lifeboat was finding it hard to get alongside. But I'm pleased to say that all five fishermen were rescued."

A Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) investigation is under way.

Image caption, Crew members were brought ashore

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