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'Body' in sea off Peterhead was white protective suit

white suit in water Image copyright Peterhead Liefboat
Image caption The suit was similar to that worn by a painter

A lifeboat crew called out to recover what was thought to be a human body instead found a white protective suit floating in the sea off Aberdeenshire.

The suspected body had been spotted from a commercial helicopter flying eight miles north-east of Peterhead.

The Peterhead lifeboat crew were called out at 11:00 on Friday and carried out a plotted search of the area.

They found the suit, similar to that worn by a painter, and confirmed no-one was in the water.

David Anderson, Peterhead RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat spokesman, said: "The crew were very relieved that it was not a body and very pleased with themselves for finding such a small item in a very large area of sea."

Andy Brown, Peterhead lifeboat coxswain, said: "We started a plotted search at the original reported position of the 'body', worked out the tide direction and after a number of search legs spotted the white suit."

Despite being a false alarm, he praised the helicopter crew for reporting the sighting.

"It was a well intentioned shout though nothing came of it. We were pleased to find it, it's all down to good training, team work and having the proper equipment to do the job," he added.

"We were only searching for about 21 minutes when we found the paper suit so that's pretty good."

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