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Coldest night of year in UK recorded in Braemar at -10.1C

Weather map, BBC
Image caption The lowest temperature of 2017 (so far) has been recorded in Braemer

The UK's coldest night of the year so far has been recorded in Braemar in Aberdeenshire.

The -10.1C (13.8F) temperature was in stark contrast to the 10.2C (50.4F) in the Isles of Scilly.

Met Office spokeswoman Emma Sharples said Braemar was a "well-known cold spot" due to its valley location. She added: "So you tend to get cold air drained down into the valley."

The coldest night in January 2016 was -12.4C (9.7F) in Kinbrace.

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Image caption Meteorologist Tom Lavery measures conditions in Braemar earlier this month

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