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Baby boy delivered by mother in car near Aberdeen

Shelley, Alexander, Lucas and Jensen Jack Image copyright Jack family
Image caption Shelley and Alexander Jack with their new son Lucas and his brother Jensen

A mother delivered her own baby in a car as her husband tried to get her to hospital for the birth.

Shelley Jack, 26, was being driven by husband Alexander, 30, from their Inverallochy home to Aberdeen after contractions started.

However, before they could make it, their baby son was born in their Mitsubishi Outlander - near Donald Trump's Aberdeenshire golf resort.

They then continued the journey. Baby Lucas is now home and doing fine.

The unusual birth happened in the early hours of 10 January.

'Started to panic'

Mrs Jack told BBC Scotland: "I went to my bed as normal. But I woke up with stomach cramps, woke my husband to tell him I thought something was happening, and started to pace round the room.

"I started to panic as I am a bit of a worrier with stuff like that and told my husband to phone Aberdeen maternity.

"The midwife on the phone told us to come straight through."

She continued: "We got in the car. About 15 minutes from our house I had no space between my contractions at all.

"I said, I'm sure they aren't supposed to go this quick.

"I was trying to move about the seat to relieve the pain but nothing shifted it. My husband saw the pain I was in and started to drive faster but kept trying to assure me that I'd only just started and I would get there in time to get pain relief if I wanted."

'Probably in denial'

Mrs Jack went on: "My waters popped round about Ellon and from there I knew this wasn't normal and the baby was trying to come out.

"I screamed to my husband to phone an ambulance as I felt my body starting to push something out and the pain was horrendous at this point.

"He phoned the midwife back. She also told me that if I felt my body pushing that I wouldn't be able to control it and that I would have to take off my trousers and just let the baby come.

"I thought this was absolutely crazy - who has a baby in their car on their own?

"I wouldn't give in - probably in denial that this would actually happen - but somewhere between the Trump golf course and the Cock and Bull restaurant I realised this baby really was coming out and I did what the midwife told me to do and the baby came out with a few pushes.

"I caught him in my hands and cradled him into my chest. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

"My husband by this point was hysterical as I think he didn't realise I was actually being serious when I said the baby was coming out."

'Very thankful'

They then carried on their journey to hospital, where baby Lucas was tended to.

He weighed in at 7lbs 5oz.

His mother added: "Baby Lucas is settling into our family really well and his one-year-old big brother Jensen is just delighted with his baby, giving him lots of kisses and cuddles.

"We are very thankful."

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