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Redacted Bailey Gwynne school death report published

Bailey Gwynne
Image caption Bailey Gwynne died after being stabbed

A heavily-redacted report into the killing of Aberdeen schoolboy Bailey Gwynne has been published.

Bailey, 16, was stabbed during a fight with a fellow pupil at Cults Academy.

The schoolboy's killer is serving nine years for culpable homicide.

The Aberdeen Chief Officers Group said in a statement: "We understand the interest in the content of the review but we are bound by data protection laws and respect the wishes of the individuals and families involved."

A review in October found his death was "potentially avoidable".

The review, conducted by child welfare professional Andrew Lowe, made several recommendations.

Image caption The report has been heavily redacted

The full report was kept private at the time.

Large parts of the 67-page report, released on Monday afternoon, were redacted.

The Chief Officers Group stated: "The review contains a great deal of sensitive, confidential and legally restricted information.

"We committed to seeking the permissions required to publish that information and have worked extensively to complete that process.

"In October the Chief Officers Group stated its determination to implement the recommendations contained within Andrew Lowe's review and that implementation is progressing well.

"As a group we are going beyond the recommendations and have a comprehensive plan in place, including the roll-out of the anti-weapon strategy in our schools."

Image caption Bailey Gwynne was stabbed at Cults Academy

The statement added: "The aim of the independent review was to provide assurance to our organisations and to the public that all circumstances in relation to Bailey's death have been examined and to make appropriate recommendations which can be applied for future practice.

"The conclusions reached and the recommendations have been shared and acted upon."

A strategy aimed at preventing knives and weapons getting into Aberdeen schools was approved last month.

Staff will be provided with clarity on the recording of incidents in schools, pupil searches and when and how to confiscate weapons, including knives.

Other actions approved by the council include providing professional learning opportunities to teachers in order that they can deliver anti-weapon and knife-crime lessons.

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