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Mystery of Aberdeen 'jelly patch' solved

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Media captionMystery of Aberdeen 'jelly patch' solved

The mysterious appearance of a large patch of wobbly ground at an Aberdeen park appears to have been solved.

An area of Hazlehead Park has become so waterlogged it has taken on a jelly-like consistency.

Sport Aberdeen said an investigation revealed it had been caused by a burst water pipe.

Scottish Water has been informed and the area has been cordoned off as a precaution.

A Scottish Water spokesman said: "Scottish Water staff attended the football pitches beside Hazlehead Park as soon as they were made aware of a potential issue in the area.

"A team cordoned off the area and discovered a burst to a main.

"The water supply was isolated to allow repairs but there was no disruption to customer supplies."

He added: "Repairs have now been completed to the main and the area has been backfilled.

"It will remain cordoned off over the weekend to allow the land to dry out completely."

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