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Scots go lunar for 'Supermoon'

Image copyright Michalene Mazur
Image caption Michalene Mazur took this picture from Perth just as the moon was rising in the sky on Monday evening

People across Scotland have been enjoying the rare sight of a supermoon.

The moon appeared bigger and brighter than usual as it came closer to Earth than it has in decades.

A band of rain and cloud sweeping in from the west left some parts of the country disappointed.

But many others enjoyed the spectacle of the Moon making its closest approach to Earth since 1948, appearing about 7% larger than normal and about 15% brighter.

The Moon will not be this close to Earth again until 25 November 2034.

Your supermoon pictures

Image copyright Lynne Stewart
Image caption Lynne Stewart took this picture of the moon from Aberdeen
Image copyright Kenneth McGirr
Image caption Kenneth McGirr from Clydebank took this amazing picture
Image copyright Malcolm Pollock
Image caption Malcolm Pollock captured this view of the supermoon
Image copyright Ondrej Statnik
Image caption Ondrej Statnik's image of the moon and Edinburgh's Calton Hill
Image copyright Liz Gregg
Image caption Liz Gregg captured this image from Pinmore in South Ayrshire
Image copyright Gerry Macdonald
Image caption Gerry Macdonald took this shot in Bieldside, Aberdeen, on Tuesday morning
Image copyright Alan Rowe
Image caption Alan Rowe took this image of the supermoon piercing the early morning clouds in Ullapool
Image copyright colindj59
Image caption The moon from Troon, captured by Colin from Ayrshire
Image copyright David Tomlins
Image caption Taken by David Tomlins from the lower slopes of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh on Tuesday morning
Image copyright Brian Hayes
Image caption Brian Hayes took this in Dundee before the clouds obscured the view
Image copyright Colin Meikle
Image caption Colin Meikle took this picture of the moon from Peterhead
Image copyright Shirl Weir
Image caption Shirl Weir took this shot just as it began to cloud over on Tuesday morning
Image copyright Andrew Smith
Image caption Andrew Smith from Inverness used three photos to create this composite image
Image copyright Paul Birrell
Image caption Paul Birrell took this over Linlithgow at about 22:00 on Monday
Image copyright Ian Todd
Image caption Clear skies over Moray gave Ian Todd the chance to get this shot
Image copyright Jenny Beveridge
Image caption Jenny Beveridge from Kinross sent in this photo
Image copyright John Bousie
Image caption John Bousie in Auchtermuchty said he got lucky with a break in the clouds over Fife
Image copyright Jackqui Herrington
Image caption Smoke-like clouds shroud the moon at Crail in this picture by Jacqui Herrington
Image copyright Alan Paterson
Image caption Alan Paterson took this picture from Elgin
Image copyright Pete Murray
Image caption A blue moon event, photographed from Pete Murray's bedroom window
Image copyright Elaine Grass
Image caption Elaine Grass found a gap in the clouds over Glasgow about 22:00 on Monday
Image copyright DSRL
Image caption The moon pictured on Tuesday morning from the Dounreay nuclear power site near Thurso

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