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Mental health charity critical of Aberdeenshire redesign

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A charity has said that it will not tender for Aberdeenshire Council's proposed redesign of how mental health services should be provided.

Mental Health Aberdeen said the changes would mean it having to increase what it delivers but with less funding.

It said that its decision not to tender meant it was having to close all its Aberdeenshire services and cut 26 jobs.

Aberdeenshire Council said it was seeking to provide equitable services to people across its area.

Mental Health Aberdeen provides support, counselling and community projects in Inverurie, Ellon, Banff and other locations in Aberdeenshire.

Chief executive Astrid Whyte said she was "saddened and disappointed" that the charity had to close the services.

'Number of concerns'

She said the decision had "not been taken lightly", adding: "We cannot in good faith go forward due to the number of concerns we have with the changes due to be made to the way mental health care is provided across Aberdeenshire.

"Our priority is foremost with the welfare of all people with mental health difficulties."

Aberdeenshire Council has five tenders to consider for the provision of mental health services and a service provider is expected to be in place in January next year.

A spokesman said: "Aberdeenshire Council requires a mental health service which promotes the achievement of mentally well and inclusive communities in which people who experience mental ill health are enabled to recover and achieve their personal outcomes.

"We therefore invited organisations to tender to provide equitable services in north, central and south Aberdeenshire, supporting those recovering from mental illness and helping them to participate in ordinary mainstream social, leisure, educational, and cultural activities alongside other members of the community."

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