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Rescued Strathbogie fence fawn in Scottish SPCA care

Soay and April Sorely Image copyright Scottish SPCA

An orphaned deer fawn which was found trapped in a fence in Aberdeenshire is being cared for by the Scottish SPCA.

The 12-week-old deer - which has been named Soay - was discovered in Strathbogie.

Soay is now one of three roe deer fawns in the care of the animal charity's National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said: "All three are doing really well and are getting along with one another."

He explained: "Like all fawns orphaned at such a young age, Soay and the others need a lot of one-to-one attention and they are still being bottle-fed at the moment.

"Once they are able to self-feed we'll take a more hands-off approach until they're ready to be returned to their natural habitat.

"We'll choose a carefully selected site where the fawns will be able to integrate with an existing group of roe deer."

Image copyright Scottish SPCA

He added: "Fawns are left alone from a very early age as their mothers go off foraging. They are left curled up under bushes or in long grasses to keep hidden from potential predators but are often disturbed by dogs and humans.

"Our advice is to leave the fawn alone, unless showing signs of distress and calling out, and return in 24 hours as the mother will likely have moved it. If it has not been moved at this stage but is still not calling or showing any signs of distress, the mother has probably come back and fed it.

"To be sure a fawn has been abandoned it must be observed from a distance for at least 12 hours. A fawn that has been truly abandoned will get up from its hiding place and start calling for its mother."

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