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Aberdeen murder trial told of brother's fears

James Chadwick
Image caption James Chawdick died last year

A man has told a murder trial his brother was worried relatives of his former partner were going to attack him.

The body of James Chadwick, 37, was found at an address in Holland Street in Aberdeen last September.

Ryan Gibb, 30, and Cameron Laurie, 31, have gone on trial charged with murder.

Thomas Holmes told the High Court in Edinburgh his brother Mr Chadwick believed the family of his former partner thought he had had an affair.

It is alleged Mr Gibb and Mr Laurie murdered Mr Chadwick by striking him on the face, punching him on the head and body, with a dog lead or similar instrument, and stamping on his head.

Mr Holmes said: "He was worried for his safety. He was scared there were people after him."

The trial continues.

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