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Car park firm cleared of fraud over 'illegal' fines

An English company accused of sending "unenforceable" parking tickets to motorists in Aberdeenshire has been cleared of fraud.

Civil Enforcement Ltd had been accused of illegally handing out fines to people who used car parks in Kemnay, Kintore and Inverurie.

It was claimed the firm sent out 'civil penalty charges' knowing the legislation was not valid in Scotland.

Sheriff Edward Savage dismissed the case at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

During a two-day trial, the court had heard from several witnesses who were sent letters demanding payment after using two car parks in Inverurie.

The witnesses said they had not paid the penalty notices after taking advice from Trading Standards.

Some were later issued with letters cancelling the penalty after proving that they had used the car park twice in the same day but within the approved time limits.

Civil Enforcement Ltd was accused of 11 charges relating to consumer protection from unfair trading and one charge of running a fraudulent scheme.

Sheriff Savage upheld prosecution claims of a lack of corroboration and ruled the company had no case to answer.

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