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Homes wanted for 'fall out' iguanas in Aberdeenshire

The iguanas Image copyright Scottish SPCA

New homes are being sought for a pair of iguanas in Aberdeenshire who do not get along.

The Scottish SPCA said the owner could not longer look after the two large lizards, a female named Pintosh and a male called Babysha.

They are being cared for at the charity's centre in Drumoak.

Assistant manager Claire Tyczynska said: "We are rehoming them separately as they don't get along with one another."

She explained: "As they are very large and powerful animals, they aren't suited to novice reptile owners and this is why we are specifically appealing to people who have kept iguanas before.

"Pintosh and Babysha are generally good natured with people, although they can be a little bit grumpy sometimes.

"Due to their size, they will each need a very large vivarium with plenty of space to move around."

She added: "We would like to hear from anyone who feels they have the knowledge and experience to offer Pintosh or Babysha a new home.

"They will make fantastic pets for owners who will appreciate them and meet their care requirements."

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