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Football legend Denis outlaws no ball games signs in Aberdeen

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Media captionThe campaign to take down the iconic signs was assisted by local charity Aberdeen Greenspace

Scottish football legend Denis Law has kicked off the process of removing 'No ball games' signs in his home city.

The Aberdeen-born former Manchester United star helped take down the first of hundreds of the signs from public areas.

He said: "You need to get young people out playing - the streets were where we learned our trade."

Aberdeen's plans to become the first city in Scotland to remove all such signs were revealed in August.

A report said the signs were not legally enforceable and were a deterrent to outdoor play.

The footballing great told BBC Scotland: "I think a lot of parents would be quite happy for the kids to be out playing football or whatever they wanted to play.

"A few people might not be too happy but it will be nice for the kids.

"Computer games are not what you require."

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Image caption Denis Law's home city is Aberdeen

He said of his childhood days: "One post was a lamppost, the other was a drainpipe or a jacket.

"There were no signs up to say no ball games.

"It's nice to have this come round, taking the signs down."

Asked if he ever got in trouble, he admitted: "Probably".

The campaign to take down the iconic signs was assisted by local charity Aberdeen Greenspace.

It is hoped the move will help to improve the health, and skills, of the city's children.

To mark the removal of the signs, hundreds of sports balls will be given to underprivileged children.

Image caption The signs are coming down

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