Shetland search boy found in back of father's van

image captionBradley Simpson was reunited with mother Leona

A missing five-year-old Shetland boy who sparked a major search was found sleeping in his father's van.

Bradley Simpson was last seen at about 16:00 on Saturday afternoon playing on his bike outside his Lerwick home.

He was due to spend the night at his grandmother's house across the road.

When he failed to turn up at 20:00 the police were alerted and a search was launched. However, he was found in the back of his dad's van shortly after 22:00.

His father had earlier driven the van to a local supermarket at about 18:30, and noticed the door was not shut properly, so he closed and locked it.

'Burst into tears'

As the later search continued, Bradley's grandmother Sylvia Woodhouse suggested they check the van, and he was found.

She said: "The later it got, I thought has he fallen and hurt himself, or even been unconscious, it had been raining, it was cold.

"By about 10 o'clock I really though we weren't going to see him again, that he wasn't going to be alive."

Describing the moment when they opened the door and found Bradley, she said: "I thought I was going to vomit just with the relief from the stress and the worry, and I burst into tears."

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