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Two people hurt by bullock on the loose in Shetland

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Media captionFootage shows a rampaging bullock in Lerwick knocking over a woman in its path

Two people were taken to hospital after being injured by a bullock that escaped from a field in Shetland for about three hours.

The injuries sustained by the members of the public on Tuesday evening were not thought to be serious.

The stot was eventually contained by police in the Greenfield Place area of Lerwick, where a cow was brought in in an effort to calm it down.

The bullock was under control and in a trailer by about 22:30.

It had run towards the centre of town, knocking over a woman in her 70s, and later injuring a man when it was cornered.

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Repeated attempts to control or corner it were unsuccessful until it was ultimately calmed down by introducing it to the cow in a walled garden.

It was then led into a trailer and taken back to the farm.

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