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Ambulance dispatched to Aberdeen rather than Orkney

The Scottish Ambulance Service has apologised after an ambulance was dispatched to Aberdeen rather than Orkney.

The delay in getting help to the injured man was said to have been caused by a control room mistake about the location.

The tourist had fallen on Great Western Road in Kirkwall but the ambulance was dispatched to the one in Aberdeen.

The service said there was a delay of 20 minutes in getting to hospital.

'Human factors'

The incident happened on Sunday.

The man was helped by a passer-by who phoned 999, and the call was routed through to the Scottish Ambulance Service control centre in Inverness.

The ambulance service said that "due to human factors" the ambulance was sent to Great Western Road in Aberdeen, more than 200 miles away.

A spokesman said the incident was being reviewed, and the patient would be contacted to apologise for any anxiety or discomfort caused by the delay.

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