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Derelict factory fire video probed by Aberdeen police

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Image caption Emergency services warned that fires can spread quickly and release toxic smoke

A video posted online showing a number of youths setting fire to a derelict factory is being investigated by police in Aberdeen.

The footage, which appeared on YouTube last week, shows several teenagers lighting a fire in the Broadford Works.

Police Scotland have appealed for information about the fire, the date of the incident and who was involved.

The former textile mill is a regular target for vandalism and for the setting of fires.

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Image caption The youths are seen wandering around the derelict factory in Aberdeen

Gordon Riddel, from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, said: "Anyone who deliberately sets a fire is committing a serious crime that endangers themselves, innocent members of the public and emergency responders.

"Dealing with deliberate fires can take a significant amount of time and resources and it could delay our attendance at a real emergency.

"Flames, heat and toxic smoke all spread incredibly quickly and people who set fires can't know how they will develop.

"What begins as a small fire in a derelict building or on waste ground can easily grow to engulf homes or businesses, putting at risk anyone who happens to be in its path."

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