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Scottish SPCA tries to find a home for Bolt, a dog who has spent 500 days in kennels

Bolt Image copyright Scottish SPCA
Image caption The Scottish SPCA hopes Bolt can be found a home in Aberdeenshire

A dog which has been rejected for 500 days is being sought a "special" home by the Scottish SPCA.

Five-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier Bolt has now been moved to a rehoming centre in Aberdeenshire.

Assistant manager at the Drumoak centre Debbie Innes said they had been unlucky finding him an owner in the Glasgow area.

"It is so sad as he's a wonderful, affectionate dog who just wants to make everybody happy," she said.

"It must be difficult for him to understand why he hasn't been chosen."

Staff at the Drumoak rehoming centre are hopeful of finding him a home in Aberdeenshire.

Ms Innes described him as being relaxed with other dogs, but he may need a lot of attention so would be less suited to a family with young children.

"We think after waiting so long for the right person to come along he'd prefer to have them all to himself," she said.

"As he is rather bouncy we feel he may be too much for youngsters but he may enjoy the company of teenagers in his new home.

"There is no doubt Bolt will give his family complete love and devotion. He will make them smile, he will care about them and he will be their forever loving friend, playmate and companion."

Anyone who can offer Bolt a new home is being urged to contact the Scottish SPCA's centre in Aberdeenshire.

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