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Woman 'abducted' by ex boyfriend in Aberdeen, court told

A woman was abducted by her ex-boyfriend after he assaulted her new partner, a court has heard.

Kyle Morrison is alleged to have dragged Ashleigh Donald along the ground and forced her into a car in Aberdeen in October 2012.

The 23-year-old told Aberdeen Sheriff Court that at one point she tried to jump out of the vehicle.

Mr Morrison, from Fraserburgh, denies the charges. His lawyer suggested Ms Donald was intoxicated and needed help.

Boyfriend 'punched'

Giving evidence, Ms Donald, 20, said she had been walking along Schoolhill in the city centre of Aberdeen when she came across her ex boyfriend.

She told the jury she met up with her new boyfriend Lee Scott after attending an 18th birthday party and they were heading to his friend's flat when Mr Morrison turned up in a car.

Ms Donald said: "I didn't have much time to do anything. Kyle Morrison hit Lee Scott."

Fiscal depute Anne MacDonald asked: "What effect did that punch have on Lee Scott?"

She replied: "I'm not sure because I ended up on the ground too."

Ms Donald said she felt paralysed after she landed on the ground and could not open her eyes because she felt dizzy.

She told the jury: "I felt being dragged down the road by my hands. I was dragged and shoved into a car."

'Tried to jump'

The court heard Mr Morrison drove off with her and two of his friends who had been sitting in the vehicle.

She said she screamed at her ex boyfriend, telling him she wanted to get out. Ms Donald wept as she told the jury that she wanted to leave the car.

She said: "At one point in the car journey I tried to jump out."

Ms Donald told the court she was having blackouts during the car journey and the last thing she remembered was being in her ex boyfriend's bed.

The court heard police later arrived at the property in Pitmedden in Aberdeenshire.

'Out of it'

Defence lawyer Garreth Jones suggested to Ms Donald that she was so intoxicated after her night out that his client was helping her.

He showed the jury various texts between the couple who had split up in April and were considering getting back together.

Ms Donald said: "We were talking as friends. We were still discussing whether we wanted to get back or not."

Mr Jones put it to her that Mr Morrison had put her into the car in the recovery position because she was so drunk and had intended to bring her home.

He suggested that she had been "out of it" and was closer to his client's Pitmedden house in Aberdeenshire when she came round.

Mr Morrison denies assaulting Mr Scott by repeatedly punching him on the head causing him to fall to the ground on top of Ms Donald.

He also denies assaulting and abducting his ex girlfriend on the same date.

The trial continues.