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Albyn Hospital in Aberdeen told to make improvements

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Image caption Aberdeen's Albyn Hospital will be the focus of follow-up inspections

An independent Aberdeen hospital has been told to make a series of improvements.

A Healthcare Improvement Scotland inspection of BMI Healthcare's Albyn Hospital identified a "significant number of areas" which needed addressed.

These included the majority of clinical hand wash basins not meeting current standards.

The report also noted the service was performing well in other areas.

BMI Healthcare was told that clinical hand wash basins not compliant with current standards should be upgraded by late June.

And all staff must be aware of the correct products and procedure for cleaning up spillages of body fluids, to ensure that the risk of cross contamination from cleaning is minimised.

'We are pleased'

It was also recommended that areas in the hospital where confidential patient information may be discussed be reviewed to ensure that these discussions take place in a private area.

Chief Inspector Susan Brimelow said: "This inspection resulted in five requirements and 10 recommendations which we expect Albyn Hospital to address as a matter of priority.

"We will follow-up these concerns at future inspections".

A spokesman for BMI Healthcare said: "We are pleased that the HIS report recognises many positive aspects of the hospital.

"We had already identified the issues noted by HIS, and have either addressed them or are in the process of doing so."

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