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Hum collector seeks childhood memories for installation in Aberdeen

Dr Suk-Jun Kim
Image caption Dr Suk-Jun Kim hopes for as many volunteers as possible

People are being asked to hum a tune which brings back childhood memories as part of a music project created by a University of Aberdeen lecturer.

Dr Suk-Jun Kim hopes to collect hundreds of hums to create a public sound installation.

Aberdeen Humming is due to take place from 14 to 30 November.

Dr Kim, a lecturer in electroacoustic music and sound art, said humming was "a personal, intimate act".

He added: "This project is designed to examine the relations between people and places, and how a person's memory plays a role in this.

"Usually when people hum it is either to themselves or perhaps to a loved one, maybe to soothe a child.

"Offering hums to others means that you are inviting others to enter your personal space."

He has already collected a large number of contributions through a "humming booth" at an art gallery in the city during the summer.

Now he is planning to collect more in person with the help of a group of music students from the university.

Those taking part are being asked to hum a tune that reminds them of their early years.

Dr Kim added: "It would be great to have as many people's hums included in the composition as possible."

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