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Aberdeen knife raider Peter Garland jailed for four years

A man who carried out a knife raid on an Aberdeen newsagents just days after being freed from prison has been jailed for four years.

Peter Garland, 21, admitted carrying out the robbery at Marquis Dairy in July.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard the victim, Martin Leo, 28, at first thought Garland was joking - then realised he could be stabbed.

Lord Pentland noted Garland had only been released three days earlier.

Garland brandished a knife and demanded the till be opened, and alcohol be handed over, but he escaped with just three packets of cigarettes.

The judge said: "What the CCTV images do seem to me to show is the determined and sustained aggression of the accused on this occasion.

"You repeatedly presented and brandished a knife at him. This was a terrifying ordeal for your victim who was fearful and alarmed by your irresponsible and cowardly conduct.

"It is of particular concern that at the time of committing the present offence you were on license, having been released from custody three days previously."

'Wholly realistic'

Garland had just been released from a four-month sentence for disorder offences.

He later told police he was heavily under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the incident.

Defence counsel Ronnie Renucci said: "He is not an unintelligent young man. He is wholly realistic. He fully appreciates he has pled guilty to a serious charge and as a result of that a custodial sentence is inevitable.

"He recognises he has been out of control and something has to be done about that."

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