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Woman tells of 'wandering hands' of charity boss Ian Paterson

A woman has told how she confronted an Aberdeen charity boss because of his "wandering hands".

The woman - who cannot be named - claimed that former policeman Ian Paterson, 62, touched her inappropriately on a regular basis.

The 35-year-old said she called the then chief executive of Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations "Pervy Paterson".

Mr Paterson denies indecency charges at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

Giving evidence, the woman told the court that Mr Paterson, of Tarves, Aberdeenshire, began massaging her about six months after she met him, when she complained about being stressed.

Christmas party

She said: "I thought it was inappropriate but I didn't feel uncomfortable with it. I just felt he was being nice to be honest.

"I feel that his hands came far too down the front on that first occasion."

The woman said the charity boss also "jiggled up" against her when she was standing at a photocopier.

She said he would ask her about her sex life and described him as being "like a moth to a flame".

The alleged victim became tearful as she told the court that she wanted him to stop doing it.

The woman said she confronted Mr Paterson after he put his hand on her thigh at a Christmas party held for charity workers in Aberdeen.

'No reaction'

The court heard the woman complained about the alleged incident the next time she saw Mr Paterson.

She said: "I said I was sick of the wandering hands. I didn't get much reaction at all. He kind of denied it. He said he was trying to comfort me."

David Moggach, defending, asked whether the woman had touched his client at all during the times they were in each other's company.

She replied: "I've given him cuddles at the start. But it has never been sexual or inappropriate, no."

Mr Moggach asked: "Would you accept that Mr Paterson was someone of a friendly nature and a touchy-feely sort of bloke?"

She replied: "Yes."

Mr Moggach asked: "And he would put his hand on your back or something like that when he was speaking to you?"

She replied: "Yes. He shouldn't be putting his hand on my knee and speaking about sex."

The trial continues.

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