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Aberdeen man cleared of hot iron attack on wife

A 66-year-old Aberdeen man has been cleared of assaulting his wife with a hot iron.

James Napier denied throwing the iron at his 63-year-old wife Marion as she was doing housework in their Cults home.

Mrs Napier told Aberdeen Sheriff Court she had not wanted to make a complaint against her husband when officers visited their house.

Sheriff William Summers found Mr Napier not guilty.

The incident was alleged to have happened in March.

'Lively discussion'

Mrs Napier had told the court: "I was doing the ironing in my bedroom.

"We had a disagreement about priorities, about what was going to have to be done.

"It was a lively discussion."

She explained: "Unfortunately then my husband tripped. I had sorted out some paperwork which I put in plastic folders and unfortunately he tripped over that.

"I stopped ironing at that point. He stumbled forward and he pushed the ironing board. It dislodged the iron which was perched at the edge.

"He tried to balance himself and he caught the cord of the iron as it fell off the ironing board."

Mrs Napier said the iron began swinging "like a pendulum" and it came into contact with her but she said she wasn't injured.

Mrs Napier said she had called the police "in a moment of madness".

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