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World Whisky Day toasted for a second year

image captionBlair Bowman's World Whisky Day is now an annual event
World Whisky Day, which was created by a University of Aberdeen student last year, has been held for a second time.
Blair Bowman came up with the idea as he saw that other drinks were recognised in this way.
More than 120 events were organised worldwide for Saturday's event after last year's inaugural success.
Mr Bowman said earlier: "I hope it is even bigger than last year - Antarctica is the only continent we are missing."
image captionPeople across the world, including Germany, took part last year
The Hispanic Studies student added: "After I finish my studies World Whisky Day is going to be my full-time job.
"I really believe it has such massive potential that it will be a viable business and I'm so excited about it.
"I suppose last year I might have been dismissed by some in the business as just some young guy with no clue, but now distributors and distilleries are seeing the potential that the event has and they're keen to be involved."

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