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Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital 'improving', says HEI

Improvements have been made at Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital (RACH), according to inspectors.

Members of healthcare watchdog the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate found infection control specialists were in the hospital more often.

They also said there seemed to be high levels of hygiene and RACH had not had a case of C.difficile for seven months.

Inspectors did find some problems, including with dirty accommodation for parents of sick children.

HEI chief inspector Susan Brimelow said: "Our inspection found that NHS Grampian is complying with most standards to prevent and control healthcare associated infection.

"Wards and clinical areas were clean, and good isolation facilities are available to ensure the risk of infection is reduced."

'Been actioned'

An NHS Grampian spokesman said: "This is a very positive report which acknowledges that compliance with hygiene standards in the hospital is high, and that wards and clinical areas are clean with good isolation facilities reducing the risk of infection.

"The report goes on to note that staff showed a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities for infection prevention and control and senior charge nurses demonstrated good leadership.

"The visiting team was led by an experienced inspector and included a member of the public, and we very much welcome their findings.

"The two requirements of NHS Grampian in respect of documentation and four recommendations have been, or are being, actioned."

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