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Aberdeen fire crews 'attacked with burning wood'

Firefighters attending Guy Fawkes Night bonfire callouts in Aberdeen were attacked with burning timber by youths.

A crew from Central fire station were targeted in the city's Seaton area on Monday evening. No-one was injured in the incident.

Grampian Fire and Rescue Service said officers were also the target of threats and abuse.

In total there were 170 calls made to 999 locally on the day.

'Quite worrying'

Station manager Mike Cordiner told BBC Scotland: "There were five incidents, firefighters were either threatened with foul and abusive language, the threat of fireworks being pointed towards them, or actually burning timber being thrown in their direction.

"Thankfully none of the firefighters were injured, but the potential was there.

"It is quite worrying because we have had quite a good relationship recently with youths in local communities, so it's something we have to work on a bit more."

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