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Aberdeen rape trial hears evidence from alleged victim

A woman has been giving evidence in the trial of a man accused of raping three women while they slept in Aberdeen.

Isaac Samuel, 32, denies the offences, dating between 2000 and 2010, and has lodged a special defence of consent.

The 35-year-old woman told the jury at the High Court of Aberdeen how she was attacked and strangled by her alleged attacker and feared for her life.

The accused, also known as Raspal Singh Jassi, is facing a total of 18 charges including animal cruelty.

The woman told the court: "He said he was going to sort me out and he put his hands on my neck. He would let go when I was possibly just taking my last few breaths.

"I could not breathe at all, I'm asthmatic anyway, it just got tighter and tighter and you just think, 'Is that going to be my last breath?'"

She told the court that she fainted after being punched in the face which left a hole in her lip.

The alleged victim further claimed she was kicked on the body and was forced to go in a cold shower and take off her clothes.

The jury was then told that Samuel allegedly attacked her with a wooden rolling pin.

She said: "He beat me up with it. He said he was going to sort me out and shut me up because I deserved it, not because he wanted to do it but because I was making him do it."

The trial continues on Monday.

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