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Shetland scammers set up internet banking to steal cash

Fraudsters targeting bank customers in Shetland and Orkney have begun setting up internet banking for people who have not requested it.

The scammers then phone their victims, asking for card details, passwords or PIN numbers to activate the service.

Santander, the bank which has been the focus of the fraud, said it would never ask customers for personal information by phone or email.

More than 100 people in Shetland say they have been contacted by fraudsters.

Northern Constabulary have renewed their advice to people not to click on links in emails which purport to come from your bank because that could take you to a bogus site.

'Significant' amounts

Instead, police say, you should go to your bank's legitimate website, or contact your branch directly.

It is thought the gang behind the scheme have started requesting internet banking for their intended targets because it makes it easier for them to take control of accounts, and steal money.

Police have confirmed that two customers have lost "significant" amounts of cash after handing over personal information.

Some people who have received fraudulent calls have described how the criminals were very plausible, and appeared to have access to some personal information about them.

A spokesman for Santander said: "We take any attempted fraud very seriously. Our fraud team will be investigating it as a matter of utmost urgency. Ignore the calls."

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