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Bigamist Jacqueline Barrie caught out by online photos

A bigamist woman caught after her husband saw photos of her illegal wedding in Aberdeen on the internet has been fined £500.

Jacqueline Barrie, 43, got married to her second husband Kenneth Barrie during a ceremony at Aberdeen's registry office in June last year.

Her first husband saw photographs on a social networking site, and it was reported to police.

Barrie admitted bigamy at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

Married again

Defence lawyer David Sutherland said his client had previously met with lawyers to discuss divorcing her husband.

And he said she accepted that she should have waited until the divorce was finalised before she got married again.

He said: "In one view, they were divorced in all but terms of names."

Mr Sutherland said his client later divorced her ex-husband and had married Mr Barrie again in April.

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