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Cat travels 17 miles under car bonnet into Aberdeen

Diane Findlay and Kenzie [Pic: Evening Express]
Image caption Diane Findlay was relieved that Kenzie survived the journey

A woman smelled burning during a 17-mile drive - and then found her pet cat under the bonnet.

Diane Findlay, 46, of Banchory, Aberdeenshire, was driving into Aberdeen for an appointment.

When she finally stopped she heard a cat, and one-year-old Kenzie was found under the bonnet, a little singed but otherwise fine.

Her owner told the BBC Scotland news website: "She was so relieved to see me."

She said: "There was a strange smell like burning and I thought I must get the car checked out later.

"I eventually parked, locked the car, and then heard this 'miaow' and thought 'oh no, I do not believe it'.

"I was scared to open up the bonnet as I had come 17 miles, and did 60mph at one stage."

Help was summoned and a nearby man popped the bonnet - revealing Kenzie inside.

"Her back legs were a little singed," the shocked owner said. "I cancelled my appointment and drove her home.

"She seems fine, she is very laid back anyway.

"It is just one of those bizarre things. A few of her nine lives have gone."

She added: "I am now paranoid about driving anywhere."

The incident happened on Tuesday.

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