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Robin reliant on daily Co-op breakfast in Aberdeen

A robin which sought shelter in a shop during the snowy weather has become a daily fixture.

The bird - which has been named Robbie - seeks morning crumbs and warmth in an Aberdeen Co-operative.

The robin first appeared in November amid the heavy snow and can be seen sitting behind the tills each morning, often singing.

Store manager Alan Dunn said the feathered visitor was popular with staff and customers.

The robin flies in through the Seafield Road store's automatic doors and appears to sit watching staff at work, as well as eating crumbs.

Bits of croissant, Aberdeen rowies - also known as butteries or rolls - and blueberries have become the bird's favourites.

However, staff had to remove a Christmas card featuring a robin which was behind the counter as their territorial visitor kept flying at it.

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Image caption The robin now comes into the Aberdeen store every morning

Mr Dunn, of the Co-op's Seafield Road branch, told the BBC Scotland news website: "The robin has been coming in since November, when the snow really kicked in, and flies about.

"It found a warm spot and must have remembered it.

"The robin stays for an hour or two, mainly behind the tills, singing as well, the customers certainly seem to like it."

One customer, Mike Greaves, said: "I came in a couple of weeks ago and the robin was sitting on the end of the till, it was when the snow was down so food must have been short."

Another, Dennis Davidson, said: "I have seen the robin a few times, it's very unusual but it's very nice."

Co-op assistant Yvonne Benzie said: "He cheers us all up. We will miss Robbie when he goes."

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